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We love this church. Why ? ....because God is here, His word is proclaimed here, with power. Truth and love are the hallmarks of our gatherings, and when we sing, we know we have something to sing about. Joy and liberty, peace and hope, are the blessings of God, in Christ Jesus, to his people.

At our All Age Service on a Sunday morning, there are between and 80 and 100 of us, all ages.... kids, mums and dads, grandmas and granddads. We're there to meet with Jesus and to hear the word of God. Our worship is praise band led and we use a wide variety of modern and traditional hymns. We teach from the Bible, seeking to be faithful to what God has said, aiming to put its teaching into practice in our lives. As individuals we aim to become more like Jesus in how we live, day by day, and as a church we seek to influence and serve our local community with the love and power of God.

What should you expect?

When you enter the church you will be welcomed at the door by the Welcome Team member on duty. You'll receive our notices sheet which tells you everything that is happening in the church for the coming week. If you have preschool children, there is a play area at the back of the cinema with some toys and space for young children to play during the first half of the service. You may wish to sit in that area with other mums and dads of young children. Please sit wherever you wish. Seats with reserved signs are kept for stewards and other workers.

There is a creche and Sunday clubs for primary school age during the second half of the service. This will take place in Bethesda and the children will escorted there.

Ask a steward if you need further assistance. For more information on what goes on during the service, please see Our Sunday Services

What will I see and hear

Normally the praise band will be playing for 10 minutes or so before the service begins while people meet and greet each other.

What happens afterwards?

If your children have attended creche or Sunday club, we ask that you collect them promptly afterwards.

Coffee & Fellowship

After the All Age Service everyone is invited to gather in the Bethesda for coffee and fellowship


Please make sure you pick up a weekly notice sheet, highlighting our mid-week programme and other things that are going on. We would invite you to fill out a contact card if you would like to be kept up to date with what's happening in the future.

If this is your first time at BCF...

Please introduce yourself to one of the elders Ken Newberry, Jim McLatchie, Lewis Harvey or Christine Reid (Community Worker). We would love to catch up with you over coffee at the end of the service. So please come and say hello to us if we don't manage to get to you first!