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About Us

Welcome to Bethesda Christian Fellowship. I love this church. Why ? ....because God is here, His word is proclaimed here, with power. Truth and love are the hallmarks of our gatherings, and when we sing, we know we have something to sing about. Joy and liberty, peace and hope, are the blessings of God to his people in Bethesda.

On a Sunday there are between and 80 and 100 of us, all ages.... kids, mums and dads, grandmas and granddads. We're there to meet with Jesus and to hear the word of God. Our worship is praise band led and is pretty upbeat. We teach from the Bible, seeking to be faithful to what God has said, aiming to put its teaching into practice in our lives. As individuals we aim to become more like Jesus in how we live, 24/7, and as a church we seek to influence and serve our local community with the love and power of God. We are excited about Jesus Christ.

How's your life today? Where are you on your journey? Do you need to get stuff off your chest - to be listened to, to be understood, a place where you can be yourself, to find some space, and to be accepted as you are?

With our God there's grace abundant, mercy sufficient, and forgiveness for people like you and me, who regularly mess up.

Are you looking for a place to make a difference, to serve others and serve the Lord, to work as part of a team of committed Christians, using your gifts to change the world around you? In Bethesda you will have that opportunity. An opportunity to invest and serve and love - and to celebrate the joy of being workers; workers together; workers together with Christ.

Can you make it along at 10.30am this Sunday? We'll be there. We'll be worshipping. We'll be focusing on Jesus, the Son of God, who takes broken people like us and makes us whole through the power of his cross and his resurrection.

Come and taste and see how good God is. Don't put it off. Tomorrow is not certain, today is the day of salvation. Life in all its fullness is His to give. Come and receive along with us, this Sunday!

Bethesda Christian Fellowship ... where hope touches down, and hearts are lifted up.

Praying you'll encounter the love of Jesus today.